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What You Should Know About Sleep Disorders

There are many different sleep disorders out there. All of these sleep disorders are troublesome. Some can be downright dangerous. If you have a sleeping disorder you should not just ignore it. That could have dangerous consequences. First, if you think you have a problem, do some research and read up on it. Next, consult your doctor about potential treatments.

One place that you can read up about sleep disorders is Here you can take sleep disorders quizzes, take a course about them, or just browse through and read about individual disorders.

Sleep Apnea is probably the disorder that is most often thought about as dangerous when discussing sleep disorders. And sleep apnea is dangerous. Sleep apnea is among the sleep disorders that affect a person’s breathing. A person with sleep apnea will stop breathing while asleep. Sometimes they may do this as much as several hundred times a night. There are warning signs of sleep apnea. One of the most harmless seeming sleep disorders, snoring, is actually a sign that a person may have it.

Narcolepsy is another problem that is lumped into the dangerous sleep disorders category. Narcolepsy is a disorder where a person may fall asleep at times when they don’t need to. The seemingly odd part is that a person may not even feel sleepy before falling asleep. In fact, excitement sometimes triggers these episodes. Sleep disorders of this kind are so dangerous because of your inability to prepare for an onset. Think of all of the places and activities in which it would be disastrous to fall asleep and you can see why this is quite a serious sleeping disorder.

One of the sleep disorders that may not seem too dangerous until you really think about it is sleep walking. If you sleep walk only to the couch, it may not be too dangerous. However, there is very little limit to where a person could end up when they sleep walk. Small children can leave the house, or an older person may take off to go to the store. They can put themselves in dangerous situations, injure themselves, or end up in a real state of confusion when they awake.

No matter what sleep disorders may affect you, you should see what treatments are available to you. You may be able to find a solution.

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